At a time when business marketplaces are plunging or, at the very least, in a state of severe flux, company leaders are continuously examining the Return on Investment (ROI) of every expense. The accurate calculation of ROI involves numerous factors, including investment or costs, the return over time, all of which are adjusted by various risk factors. One expense that is under continual scrutiny is training.

Unlike monetary investments, training, and in particular, Lean Six Sigma Training, yields a uniquely positive return on investment. When implemented, Lean Six Sigma training skills will generate recurring savings, along with performance and productivity improvements of staff, which should also be quantified.

In three years for 2016 – 2019, ets‘ clients in various industry sectors achieved the following monetary ROI ratios from Lean Six Sigma training:

Sector ROI Ratio
Education   9.79 : 1
Private Healthcare 26.21 : 1
Social Services 21.15 : 1
Governmental   4.20 : 1
Public Healthcare 11.32 : 1


These impressive returns do not include the corresponding performance improvements experienced amongst the respective processes and staffs, or the improved outcomes, satisfaction and goodwill generated to those served in these industry sectors.

The numbers bear-proof, excellent Lean Six Sigma training is not only worth the cost, but is also a smart investment.