ets offers a comprehensive library of resources. Whether you are new to Six Sigma or are a seasoned practitioner, the following resources which are at your disposal by filling up the form should help you with your process improvement opportunities.

All resources are listed in alphabetical order. The ones most frequently used if applying the DMAIC method by step are:

Define Step:

  1. Team Project Information Sheet
  2. Stakeholders Needs Analysis
  3. Theme Selection Matrix
  4. Cost of Poor-Quality Matrix
  5. Project Planning Worksheet
  6. Team Member Time Sheet (Should be Page 2 of the Project Planning Worksheet)
  7. Sponsor Review Form

Measure Step:

  1. 8 Wastes Form

Analyze Step:

  1. Potential Cause Frequency Checksheet
  2. Root Cause Verification Worksheet
  3. Single-Case Bore Worksheet

Improve Step:

  1. Countermeasures Matrix
  2. Barriers and Aids Analysis
  3. Action Plan
  4. Lessons Learned Form (Also used in the Control Step)
  5. Return on Investment Worksheet (Also used in the Control Step)