Consulting & Advisory Services

Overview of Services

Achieving and maintaining organizational excellence requires a dynamic balance of training and internal skills, along with complementary guidance, aligned to your goals and objectives.

Award Recognition

Make organizational transformation complete by being recognized as the best through a state, national or international award program. ets can efficiently guide your organization through the award application process, from developing complete award-winning strategies, to facilitating through site visit preparation.

Using the ets approach, your organization can become a nationally recognized leader in performance excellence in 3 years or less.

There is no other approach which enables you to more dramatically recognize and honor the workforce for its role in making your organization successful.

  • The organization’s management system and history of accomplishments are developed with your employees using a unique, facilitated approach.
  • The award application is developed for submission.
  • All processes are documented and communicated to all employees and partners.
  • The organization is prepared for a successful site visit.

Organizational Assessments

The ets approach utilizes the Baldrige / Sterling Criteria as its fundamental framework for conducting organizational assessments. This framework is internationally recognized as the standard for performance excellence. As such, it provides a consistent basis for comparing practices and performance results across industries and within specific industries.

ets’ experienced Baldrige / Sterling and European Foundation for Quality Management practitioners are “calibrated” to ensure consistency in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and relevant results. This enables the ets team to prioritize findings and recommendations, and develop measurable benchmarks to assess progress in improving organizational capability.

Upon completion of the organizational assessment, a comprehensive feedback report is provided to the client organization which serves as a 3-5 year blueprint for organizational improvement and justifying potential funding requirements using Return on Investment.

Strategic Planning

Effective strategic plans transform your Vision into action by engaging partners and the workforce. ets’ Strategic Planning and Deployment Solutions are inclusive, fact-based, and recognized as “best practices” by both Baldrige and Sterling Award certified examiners.

  • The mission is translated into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Strategic goal areas are identified.
  • Goals are translated into Critical Few Objectives™ and a balanced scorecard to focus and align the organization.
  • Golden Threads™ are developed, which are the visible links of organizational strategy to every employee.

Board Development

Effective Board governance and leadership are the key factors in organizational breakthrough performance. ets’ strategies focus on effective Board development, strategic planning integration, and frameworks for effective monitoring.

Leadership Systems

Senior level and aspiring leaders in any organization need to understand and master concepts and tools needed to lead an organization in today’s world. ets’ approach is mentor-based and focused on closing the gaps in the leader’s perspective and role in communication strategies; decision-making; setting expectations; leading teams; process management; project management; strategic planning; metrics, scorecards and key performance indicators; organizational assessments, individual leadership assessment; and professional development plans.

Process Management and Improvement

Mission critical outcomes are achieved only when the core processes that drive them are effectively managed. ets’ Process Management and Measurement Solutions enable you to manage proactively and prevent problems before they occur.

Services Include


Describing processes so that roles, activities, measures and improvement opportunities are identified.

Control Systems

Monitoring performance and enabling proactive employee management to prevent defects and problems through the development of leading and lagging measures, and contingency plans.

Measurement Concepts

Ensuring goals are achieved and problems are prevented by developing meaningful outcome and predictive measures for each process.

  • Desired outcomes are systematically achieved.
  • Every workforce member is linked to the Vision, Mission, and Values through processes.
  • Accountability is objectively driven to all levels through measures.
  • Vendors are objectively selected and managed for continuous improvement and long term mutually beneficial relationships.

Replication Methods

Identifying the critical factors which define success for important outcomes and developing methods to ensure every employee knows and uses them.


​Employee Climate Surveys

Surveys are designed to determine workforce engagement and satisfaction – keys to productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. All surveys are customized based on your organization’s demographics and operational requirements. ets’ climate surveys are based on factors known to drive employee engagement and satisfaction. Benchmarks of excellence are available for use in target-setting.

Customer Surveys

Surveys are designed to determine the degree of customer satisfaction and the likelihood of retention and referral. Better understand how to penetrate your customer base and develop effective strategies for engaging and retaining them.